Vacuums and Pressure Washers for Cars

Keeping our vehicle in good condition is as important as cleaning our house constantly, due to the amount of time we spend inside our car, its hygiene must be part of the tasks we perform on a recurring basis. Cleaning the car is an activity that must be carried out regularly to make sure it is kept in optimum conditions to ensure its proper functioning, since, beyond taking care of just its appearance, it is of the utmost importance to get rid of the dust considering that the accumulation of these particles can be the number one enemy of our car because it can generate long-term problems.

It is well known that you can always turn to companies dedicated to providing automotive cleaning services to sanitize ours; however, we may have certain devices at home that can support us while performing this task. Among them are portable vacuum cleaners or backpack vacuum cleaners, its versatility allows us to collect leftovers, pet hairs and other things, quickly and easily, which will help us keep our vehicle clean and in order.

There are vacuum cleaners that permit us to even suck spilled liquids and, as they are portable, we can take them everywhere, which will consent us to keep the car clean for much longer, even on long trips. You should know which vacuum model is the most convenient for the type of car you have, it is important to locate a powerful engine if the vehicle is large; the cable is also important, since a longer one will give you more scope to clean each corner and, finally, you have to know the capacity of the filter and the accessories that are included.

On the other hand, we have pressure washers. We already know that those machines work with the high pressure ejection of water or soap solution to remove the dirt faster. The high pressure cleaners are excellent for cleaning our vehicle; yet, many fear that they may cause some kind of damage to the appearance of the car due to the force with which the liquid is expelled. The most common doubt is generated by the scare that many have of detaching the paint from the car when using water under pressure.

Damaging the paint or upholstery of your vehicle using this technology is only possible if you use too much pressure, if you put the nozzle too close to an area where the paint has already drawn to detach or if you use the wrong one. For that reason, choosing the right power for a pressure washer and the right accessories will always make it easier for you to keep your car clean in minutes and leave optimal results.

It is always advisable to spray water from top to bottom to promote the detachment of stagnant dirt and make it go down directly to the ground. A slight pass is sufficient since, later; the usage of shampoo or detergent will help us remove the deeper and sticky spots. This last step loosens the dirt and we can use a soft bristle brush or cloth to remove them completely. Then, the pressure washer is used again to give a last spray and remove the remains of chemicals and dirt before rinsing and drying. Simple, right?

In all cases, it is significant to obey the following recommendations:

– Forget the lances or rotating nozzles when washing the car, as its power can damage it.

– The first shot can be thrown with force, so directing it to the ground before and then to the car is a good idea.

– When cleaning the tires try to maintain a minimum distance of 30 cm or the distance recommended by the manufacturer to avoid damage.

Remember that you always have the option to bet on the specialists and choose the tranquility of, simply, leaving this work in the hands of others. But, if you want to care for and wash your car by your own means, these are the steps you can follow.