5 types of cars that can be used for off-roading

A car can be described as best for use off-road when it is capable of cruising through extreme terrain. The demand for off-road adventure has lately increased and thus the demand for off-road cars has gone high. Due to the high demand for off-roading cars, the car manufacturing companies have developed new designed and new engineering techniques that they can use to build vehicles that are off-road compatible.  Some of the most important features that have been improved in the cars to make them meet extreme terrain demand include bigger wheels to bring about higher ground clearance, proper braking system, and full-time four-wheel drive enabled vehicles and many more feature to bring about comfort and safety regardless of the nature of the terrain. The list below describes off-road worthy vehicles from various categories.

Sport utility vehiclesSport utility vehicles

As much as sport utility vehicles are comfortable and offer a smooth ride on highways in the cities, they are also built with features that make them relevant and suitable for off-road adventures. They are very spacious, able to accommodate about seven to eight people making them a better choice for off-road enthusiasts with a large family. The versatile material used to build (SUVs) makes them very durable as they serve their multi-terrain role.

They are built with feature like good ground clearance to help go through rocky and sandy terrain; the wheels are greatly powered for some with a permanent four-wheel drive while others have optional four-wheel drive system this facilitates for better grip on various surfaces.

The perfect interior design is the major reason for their comfortability, your safety has also been included in the off-road suitable (SUVs). Some like 2017 Jeep Cherokee Overland is equipped with multi-stage driver, front passenger airbag and integral side guard door beams that serve to dissipate energy before reaching the occupants.  It is also uniquely characterized by a side-curtain airbag. Other examples of sport utility vehicles suitable for off-roading include 2018 Lexus GX, Toyota 4Runner TRD pro, Mercedes-Benz G-Class and Jeep Patriot among others.

Pick-up truckPick-up truck

Pick-up trucks were previously trusted for heavy duty services but today they have been engineered and designed to go multi-purpose. With the pick-up trucks bumpy, snowy and rocky off-road terrains have been neutralized.

Most trucks have highly upgraded suspension with very wider and bigger inch wheelbases to give an excellent ground clearance the rear differential is built for best and safer corner negotiation for a perfect traction driver controlled traction has been packaged in the trucks. Permanent four-wheel drive system just gives you confidence on the speed. A  spacious cargo carriage unit allows you to carry you need for your touring gear comfortably compared to other off-road vehicles, having cargo carriage unit separated makes loading and offloading very easy. Pick-up truck like Chevrolet Colorado ZR2, Ram Power Wagon, and Ford Raptor are some of few examples of off-road suitable pick-up trucks.

Rock CrawlingRock Crawling

With rock crawling off-roading extreme terrains is a reality, they are built to climb and still go. Their flexibility is not comparable to most off-road vehicles, the front and rear perfectly engineered multiline suspension is the feature that ensures that these off-roaders flexible and able to conform to the angles in which the terrain wobbles.

The tires are uniquely designed. Front and back deadlock Rock Crawling tire which ensures a perfect traction and ability to climb on to any surface that it gets the grip off, they are also perfect stabilizers of these unique off-roaders.

Most of them have an inbuilt radio system that will always keep you up to date regardless of the place you are off-roading. Weather conditions are no longer a hindrance to use of Rock Crawlers since their electric system is waterproof allowing for normal travel in snowy, rainy or swampy environments.  They are also very versatile structures an example of Rock Crawlers is Ecerest-10.

Dune BuggyDune Buggy

Dune buggy vehicles are built to make off-roading sandy terrains and arid areas a solution to off-road lovers who thought that the desert is impenetrable. The large wheels and very wide tires provide a larger area of contact with the sandy surface thus increasing traction ad the stability. Stability of the Dune buggy has further been advanced by designing the engine position between the rear wheels and by lowering their center of gravity. For your safety, Dune buggy is built with safety gear and seat belt, for your night ride they have light emitting diode headlight and in case of fire outbreak, they have a space for the fire extinguisher.


This group of vehicles is specifically made for off-roading sandy places for example on the sand dune. The wheels are always wide a part designed for stability and the tires are made of treads and large lugs that give an excellent grip on the sand. These vehicles are also very safe to use.  They are designed with the three-point safety belt, use of helmet and goggles use on sandy places are some of the safety gears for use in Dune buggy. They also have Global Positioning System navigation device to ensure that your off-roading in the right direction.

As much as most of the off-road group of vehicles may not offer an excellent on road, some well in all-terrains, for example, the pick-up trucks and the sport utility vehicles provide very comfortable drive on highways as well as on off-road terrains. However, for off-roading purposes, the class of vehicles with this capability share most features in common like raised wheels for ground clearance, stability, and safety. Some unique off-road vehicles categories like the Sandrail and the Dune buggy may not seem to be comfortably be used on city highways. However, some new models of these vehicles have been modified to fit highway drive.

This list is the clear guide on the class of vehicles that can not only go off-road but also some that may be used on extreme terrains thus for those who are off-road lover fans you can choose the right vehicle depending on the nature of your off-road trip.