What are the typical off-road SUVs?

Sports utility vehicle (SUV) are those group of vehicles that can be used both on and off road purposes but mostly they are built to be used in cities and on highways. The (SUVs) mostly have a capacity that can accommodate five to seven people. Sport utility vehicles are characterized by high ground clearance, the seats are raised, large body size and a highly stabilized center of gravity. The sport utility vehicles have been made with versatile materials which make them meet multi-purpose demands that are put before them on the day-to-day basis.  However, the (SUVs) are not economical in terms of fuel consumption, but despite the higher rate of fuel consumption, this class of vehicles offers a sure comfort and luxurious journey. For the SUVs lovers, this list will guide you to identify the typical off-road SUVs.

Land Rover Discovery SportLand Rover Discovery Sport

This gives irresistible comfort and luxury for travel both on and off road despite its smaller size. It is built with terrain response system that provides for the smooth journey on rough trails. The interior design is very versatile with sliding second-row creating space for loading room and legroom.

2017 Jeep Cherokee Overland2017 Jeep Cherokee Overland

It has the qualities that you may need for a sports utility vehicle.  For security, it is equipped with multi-stage driver, front passenger airbag and integral side guard door beams that serve to dissipate energy before reaching the occupants.  It is also uniquely characterized by a side-curtain airbag. The interior has been perfectly designed with soft to touch seats and quality material.

The four-wheel drive capability for 2017 Jeep Cherokee Overland has been categorized into three; Quadra-lift, Quadra-Trac, and Quadra-Drive that are used depending on the nature of the trail.

2018 Lexus GX2018 Lexus GX

With Lexus GX you are assured comfort, entertainment, and reliability. Its off-roading ability is due to independent double-wishbone with springs with pressurized shock absorbers and stabilizer bar for the front suspension and to make it even more stable the rear suspension has been built with four-link with coil springs.

The wheels and tires are standard for touring both the highways and terrains; it has six-spoke alloy wheels and large tires rated for mud and snow. The braking system is well built with the four-wheel power-assisted disc, four-channel Anti-lock Braking System, and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution.

Toyota 4Runner TRD ProToyota Land Cruiser

For the off-road adventure lovers, Toyota engineers and designers always know of your existence, Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro is all yours. The reason why Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro will take you where you want when you want is that of its features like; the five-speed automated transmission with sequential shift mode, the line-up that starts at the SR5 2WD offering a standard automatic slip difference. The traction control system allows for some wheel slippage to help the car dig out from terrains that are snowy and sandy.

The 4WD system is built to use Active Traction Control with two–speed transfer case that are the selectable low rage, the active traction control makes all uneven terrain condition seem transparent to the driver.

Jeep PatriotJeep Patriot

Despite the perfect exterior design and toughened body, Jeep Patriot also has the higher versatility to off-road and around the cities. Some of the features that make it a better sports utility vehicle for off-roading are the front two wheel drive and the two optional full- time four wheel drive. It has the antilock brakes that facilitate off-road traction; the Hill Descent Control works by automatically applying the breaks thus maintain a safe speed when off-road. It also comes with 17-inch all-terrain tires, air filtration, skid plates and seat height adjuster. The seventeen-inch tires raise it thus creating a good ground clearance.

Mercedes-Benz G-ClassMercedes-Benz G-Class

The G series is built to combat all the challenges way from the city highway to the uneven terrains in the jungle and other places regardless of the topography. Every bit of G- class is a replication of its ability to cruise the surface earth. The interior design is just as perfect as being at home; the ergonomic layout is just a symbol of how luxurious it is.

The permanent all-wheel-drive system describes its ability to distribute equal power to all the four-wheel, the 4-wheel  Electronic Traction System apportions torque to the wheels instantly for a proper grip on the terrain. In the muddy and rocky terrains, the G-Class is endowed with locking differentials that helps it thrust over the surface. The gear-driven portal axles and 22-inch wheels provide a better ground clearance that eases the movement on bumpy surfaces, dual spring –struts enables it to conquer extreme terrain.

The advanced entertainment, navigation and communication system you may like is provided in the G-Class. Bluetooth allows you play your music cable free and make call hands free, no matter how far you go, the elegant central controller and color display puts all the information within rich.  A much advanced V8 bi-turbo engine that generates 416horse power and 450 Ib-ft of torque from a compact four liters displacement that is able to thrust the G550 from 0 to 60 meters per hour in only about five seconds.

The above are some of the sport utility vehicles that may offer you the best off-road trips. They are generally characterized by security features, comfortability and better stability on extreme terrains that you may not resist. The ample allows for proper luggage packing making your trip complete. Most of the best (SUVs) operate under permanent four-wheel drive system to allow for equal distribution of power to all the wheels ensuring the stability of the vehicle.

As much as the sport utility vehicles are described to be versatile and all-terrain enduring, it is, however, important to make sure that they are in their best state before setting out for the off-road trip. The basic features to look into may include the tire condition, the lighting system the, the braking system and the navigation system for a safe and comfortable trip.  Now you can choose the right (SUV) to and enjoy both your on-road and off-road trips.

10 brand vehicles that will give you the best off-road adventure

When planning for an off-road adventure, it is very important to make sure that you have the vehicle that can best cruise in the area of your off-road adventure regardless of how extreme the terrain of the place might look.  The adventure should no longer be a nightmare even in the most adverse weather conditions and uneven topography.  The best vehicle for all-terrain should be able to provide better traction, stability and shock absorption which is mostly provided by the wheels and other more features.

If you have been wondering what type of all-terrain vehicle will best suit the nature of your off-road adventure then, below is a list that you may use as a guide.

Jeep Wrangler RubiconJeep Wrangler Rubicon

For nature devotees, Jeep Wrangler is the best choice to go for; over a decade now it has been the most outstanding terrain vehicle above the rest. In order for the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon to achieve its all-terrain superiority, it has been endowed by powerful 4 wheel drive capabilities that allow it to travel almost anywhere on land. The short wheelbase, narrow track width, suspension flex, and the very strong axle make it much stable off-road; the underground clearance does not only offer protection but also clears obstacles on the uneven ground. The interior is well refined with ample storage space, multimedia system, high definition navigation screen and use of keyless entry to make your adventure relaxed.

You do not have to worry much about security, Jeep Wrangler Rubicon comes with multistage airbags in the front, keyless entry, anti-theft engine immobilizer and body-on-frame construction all with the purpose of ensuring your safety and security.

2018 Ford F-150 Raptor2018 Ford F-150 Raptor

This is for those who are speed enthusiasts; the speed is as a result of twin-turbocharged Eco Boost and 510 pound-feet of torque. Its parameters are adjustable up to six-time driving modes and the modes are designed to be ideal for any terrain it may come across. Its performance on dust is remarkable and this is due to the suspension and the giant tires that it possesses.

The interior view will make you want to off-road anywhere just because of how comfortable it looks, bolstered sports seats, contoured steering wheel with large paddle shifters. The footwear is composed of giant tires to provide the composed and smooth ride. The smart exterior appearance of ford f-150 raptor is irresistible.

Mercedes-Benz G500Mercedes-Benz G500

These have been engineered to combat the challenges in the entire globe, its classic and upright shape is a reflection of its ability to off-road any surface on earth. It has a permanent all-wheel-drive system which enables it to get a better traction on wet and snowy surfaces. The 22-inch wheel forms a perfect ground clearance as its gear-driven portal axel helps it overcome extreme terrains.

Chevrolet Colorado ZR2Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

If you have been thinking about Chevrolet ZR2 for any kind of terrain, you are right because it has all it takes to cruise both on and off-road. The raised wheels for a food ground clearance and wide tire provision makes it very stable especially I dusty and wet terrains. The exclusive segment front and electric locking differentials aids in uphill movement as off-road chassis and DSSV shocks enhance a steady landing.

With Chevrolet Colorado ZR2, you are always connected due to the 4G LTE WIFI and 8-inch color display and you even don’t have to worry whether your style for Apple Carplay or Android Auto since Chevrolet Colorado provides compatibility for both. The interior ergonomics are perfectly designed to satisfy any kind of passenger need, this makes it even more fun and comfortable.

Toyota 4Runner TRD proToyota 4Runner TRD pro

This is an all-terrain best suited for family use, owed to its specious trunk and comfortable nature of its interior design, off-roading safety is offered by its rear suspension while it steel gives a perfectly smooth ride on a highway.

The tires are perfectly designed to meet off-road travel with huge lugs and perfect treads to off better grip on the trail. Darkness is not a threat any more if you are off-roading in Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro as its lighting system has been designed to cover a larger area.

Land Rover LR4Land Rover LR4

In Land Rover LR4, off-roading even gets more luxurious the comfortable interior design and flexible air suspension provides for a smooth ride. Its four-wheel drive system can automatically be adjusted and 8- speed automated transmission offers faster and much safe drive on winding and rocky trails.

Its seven seater capacity makes it a better choice for family adventures and travels.

Toyota Land CruiserToyota Land Cruiser

This is a well-known vehicle for both on and off-road cruising, especially in Africa. Its worth for all-terrain capability is as a result of the four- wheel drive system and a perfect ground clearance appropriate for most terrains.

The interior is composed four-zone automatic front and rear climate control with air filters with an advanced multi-terrain monitor. The wheels are an alloy with mud and snowsuited radials. The child-protector rear door locks, high rigid body structure, driver and front passenger headrest together with advanced airbag system are present just for the safety your loved ones and you.

2018 Ram 1500 Rebel2018 Ram 1500 Rebel

This provides about 10 inches ground clearance as a result of its superior air suspension system. It is built on high inch tires that provide for a perfect tour on arid areas. The seats are made to moderately overlap frontwards and the roof strength quarantine you a safe travel.

It is also characterized by comfortable interior, multimedia system, turbo-v-6 engine and eight speed automated transmission system and four-corner suspension system. In addition, it is designed in such a way that it is easy to clean.

Land Rover DefenderLand Rover Defender

If you want to talk about a versatile vehicle then this is the one to talk about, it has been used for various purposes including serving as a military vehicle. This is a proper four-wheeler six-speed transmission system. It has a 250mm axle ground clearance making it all-terrain capable, for security it has parametric alarm together with engine immobilization.

Nissan ArmadaNissan Armada

Nissan armada certifies both your need for speed, luxury, and comfortable accommodation.  A ground clearance of about 9 inches for multi-terrain movement and a body on frame construction. It is also well equipped with a seven–speed automated transmission. High ground clearance makes it move softly on bumpy grounds.

All-terrain vehicles are generally designed to serve on the road and also to make off-road adventure comfortable and fun, this is mostly achieved by the higher ground clearance, automated speed transmission and the large tire specifications that allow for a better grip on the trails as well as highway. Safety measures have also been part in the engineering and designing of the all-terrain vehicles.

5 types of cars that can be used for off-roading

A car can be described as best for use off-road when it is capable of cruising through extreme terrain. The demand for off-road adventure has lately increased and thus the demand for off-road cars has gone high. Due to the high demand for off-roading cars, the car manufacturing companies have developed new designed and new engineering techniques that they can use to build vehicles that are off-road compatible.  Some of the most important features that have been improved in the cars to make them meet extreme terrain demand include bigger wheels to bring about higher ground clearance, proper braking system, and full-time four-wheel drive enabled vehicles and many more feature to bring about comfort and safety regardless of the nature of the terrain. The list below describes off-road worthy vehicles from various categories.

Sport utility vehiclesSport utility vehicles

As much as sport utility vehicles are comfortable and offer a smooth ride on highways in the cities, they are also built with features that make them relevant and suitable for off-road adventures. They are very spacious, able to accommodate about seven to eight people making them a better choice for off-road enthusiasts with a large family. The versatile material used to build (SUVs) makes them very durable as they serve their multi-terrain role.

They are built with feature like good ground clearance to help go through rocky and sandy terrain; the wheels are greatly powered for some with a permanent four-wheel drive while others have optional four-wheel drive system this facilitates for better grip on various surfaces.

The perfect interior design is the major reason for their comfortability, your safety has also been included in the off-road suitable (SUVs). Some like 2017 Jeep Cherokee Overland is equipped with multi-stage driver, front passenger airbag and integral side guard door beams that serve to dissipate energy before reaching the occupants.  It is also uniquely characterized by a side-curtain airbag. Other examples of sport utility vehicles suitable for off-roading include 2018 Lexus GX, Toyota 4Runner TRD pro, Mercedes-Benz G-Class and Jeep Patriot among others.

Pick-up truckPick-up truck

Pick-up trucks were previously trusted for heavy duty services but today they have been engineered and designed to go multi-purpose. With the pick-up trucks bumpy, snowy and rocky off-road terrains have been neutralized.

Most trucks have highly upgraded suspension with very wider and bigger inch wheelbases to give an excellent ground clearance the rear differential is built for best and safer corner negotiation for a perfect traction driver controlled traction has been packaged in the trucks. Permanent four-wheel drive system just gives you confidence on the speed. A  spacious cargo carriage unit allows you to carry you need for your touring gear comfortably compared to other off-road vehicles, having cargo carriage unit separated makes loading and offloading very easy. Pick-up truck like Chevrolet Colorado ZR2, Ram Power Wagon, and Ford Raptor are some of few examples of off-road suitable pick-up trucks.

Rock CrawlingRock Crawling

With rock crawling off-roading extreme terrains is a reality, they are built to climb and still go. Their flexibility is not comparable to most off-road vehicles, the front and rear perfectly engineered multiline suspension is the feature that ensures that these off-roaders flexible and able to conform to the angles in which the terrain wobbles.

The tires are uniquely designed. Front and back deadlock Rock Crawling tire which ensures a perfect traction and ability to climb on to any surface that it gets the grip off, they are also perfect stabilizers of these unique off-roaders.

Most of them have an inbuilt radio system that will always keep you up to date regardless of the place you are off-roading. Weather conditions are no longer a hindrance to use of Rock Crawlers since their electric system is waterproof allowing for normal travel in snowy, rainy or swampy environments.  They are also very versatile structures an example of Rock Crawlers is Ecerest-10.

Dune BuggyDune Buggy

Dune buggy vehicles are built to make off-roading sandy terrains and arid areas a solution to off-road lovers who thought that the desert is impenetrable. The large wheels and very wide tires provide a larger area of contact with the sandy surface thus increasing traction ad the stability. Stability of the Dune buggy has further been advanced by designing the engine position between the rear wheels and by lowering their center of gravity. For your safety, Dune buggy is built with safety gear and seat belt, for your night ride they have light emitting diode headlight and in case of fire outbreak, they have a space for the fire extinguisher.


This group of vehicles is specifically made for off-roading sandy places for example on the sand dune. The wheels are always wide a part designed for stability and the tires are made of treads and large lugs that give an excellent grip on the sand. These vehicles are also very safe to use.  They are designed with the three-point safety belt, use of helmet and goggles use on sandy places are some of the safety gears for use in Dune buggy. They also have Global Positioning System navigation device to ensure that your off-roading in the right direction.

As much as most of the off-road group of vehicles may not offer an excellent on road, some well in all-terrains, for example, the pick-up trucks and the sport utility vehicles provide very comfortable drive on highways as well as on off-road terrains. However, for off-roading purposes, the class of vehicles with this capability share most features in common like raised wheels for ground clearance, stability, and safety. Some unique off-road vehicles categories like the Sandrail and the Dune buggy may not seem to be comfortably be used on city highways. However, some new models of these vehicles have been modified to fit highway drive.

This list is the clear guide on the class of vehicles that can not only go off-road but also some that may be used on extreme terrains thus for those who are off-road lover fans you can choose the right vehicle depending on the nature of your off-road trip.