Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide to Clean

Before we start talking about the qualities for cleaning that this wonderful product has, we must know what it is. Hydrogen peroxide is composed of water and oxygen, which makes it possess the ability to kill small organisms that cause diseases by oxidation. Due to this reason and also because it is not a harmful product since it does not cause any kind of harmful reaction as the products that are used for constant cleaning which are usually erosive and abrasive; we bring you these tips so you can make good use of this effective disinfectant.

If you wonder how this works, then, the oxygen that makes up hydrogen peroxide has the ability to kill bacteria by oxidation. What means that when you use this substance, you can notice how an effervescent effect is created, that is, foam is generated on the surface to be treated. This reaction is due to the action of oxygen that not only kills bacteria but serves to whiten objects or even clothes. As previously mentioned, this product has the versatility of being able to be used on diverse surfaces since, as it is based on water and oxygen, it does not generate any type of damage to the objects you want to clean.

If you are thinking about how to sanitize your bath tubs or hot tubs or you are worried about all the germs that house the wooden floors, refrigerators, dishwashers and even the vegetables that you are going to take to your mouth, this product is perfect for you. You only have to use a small amount of hydrogen peroxide in the water with which you clean or wash them and that’s it, you can keep them clean, disinfected and, in addition, it helps you to maintain their good appearance.

Hydrogen peroxide is ideal for those porcelain surfaces, such as tubs or floors that cause so much trouble when getting dirty. Along with the fact that they acquire the germs of which it is almost impossible to get rid of only by trapping them, they get stained very easily. But, again, this product is here to help since it is an excellent fat remover and a very good natural bleach. A very important tip is that even your teeth can whiten using this benefit but, for this, you must take into account that despite not being a harmful agent for the surfaces of materials, their use, like that of any chemical solution, must be carried out with care since they can be delicate products if it is for human beings. In the latter case, it should be used with great attention and you must never apply it concentrated since it is harmful, it can irritate the skin and even it can cause burns, reasons why it is recommended to mix in water and use a spray or a cloth for the application of it in the cleaning of surfaces. Also, contact with the eyes should be avoided at all costs.

Also, hydrogen peroxide serves as a reactor for other elements that can be useful at the time of cleaning, as is the case of sodium bicarbonate and salt or lemon, since having a certain degree of acidity, can help to activate the properties of the other components. It should be noted that the method of application that must be carried out varies according to the type of material on which we are going to apply the product and the type of stain to be treated; the deeper the dirt is, the more concentrated the product must be used and it must be left to act for a longer time.